SB-Jam Davos 05 vol.6

Hi to all Snowboarders out there
The last 2 Weeks was pretty sick here in the Zillertal..

But still there was the SB-Jam in Davos and next to the party and all the Contest stress i managed it to make some shots again..enjoy

The Contest itself was really good , but i had a pretty bad slam so i was stoked that i could still ride..

but look for yourself

At the check in with our NZ Filmer Sammy Britten, where we met "Frederik Austbo".. he got 3rd in the Competition

Finally we got the room key


Eirik Haugo, Andre Kuhlmann, Andy Finch and Stefan Gimpl where checking out the contest Area

as u can see they were all pretty stoked.. also Nicolas Müller joined in..

That is the Contest Area..

Another one from closer..

The CEO of the TTR (Ticket to Ride) Drew stevenson and his girl...

And that is my Teammanager Jens Anselstätter.. where we are on the way up to the top of the Mountain at night..To eat some good original Swiss Fondue..

On the way up in the Gondola.-..

Giacomo Kratter, the Italian Stallion with his crazy Haircut on top waiting for the Fondue...

The Swiss Rider Markus Keller and his way of waiting for the Fondue...

Finally, the Fondue arrives...Yummi

After the Dinner everyone looked kinda stoked... :-)--
Mathieu Crepel (1st place) and Mone on the way down from the dinner..

I made this picture after the last party.. although i was not sober at all i think i made a quite good shot..Davos at night..

And this was how it all ended...kinda like allways..

till next time.. EEÖÖHHH

Ck #1 in TTr World Ranking List vol.5

Just heard that i am Number 1 in the Snowboard Ranking from the TTr right now... i never worked for that goal it just happened but i am still really stoked..
I for sure keep on rocking the TTr Tour this year...But in first point i am gonna film and do photos..
Everything else is just Bonus..

TTR_Ranking_200548 (xls, 10 KB)

Air&Style 05 vol.4

Hi there..

After the Warm Up it was time to head to munich... The Hotel looked massive it was really pimpin...
That is the room...
and that is the welcome drink...
at thursday there was already the first training in the Olympic Stadium.. It was a little weird.. the jump was very icy and everyone had speed troubles...
I was stoked that i could finally say that i was fit to do it.. i had physio for the last 4 weeks to get my ankle strong...but then i had a pretty bad slam at my first jump in the Training.. i hurt my hip and had to get Injections after that... but i was still fully motivated..
Besides that everyone was lokking forward to a good event..
in the first Evening there was a gala dinner for the Event...
Thats us getting ready...
And at the Galadinner...
There was also the drawing for the Rounds in the K.O Final....
Here are some draws....
That is Nicolas Müller vs. Heikki Sorsa
Thats me (CK) vs. Stefan Gimpl
Another good one was Marc Andre Tarte vs. Travis Rice
and another Austrian Battle Sani Alibabic vs. Flo Mausser
After the Draws we had another beer and then we went back to the Hotel.. on Fraiday there was 5 Hours training so everyone wanted to be kinda fit...
that was on the way back to the Hotel in the Bus...
Thats Marc Andre
and Nicolas Müller and Heikki Sorsa waned to get ready for their battle
also Mathieu Crepel was in a hurry
The training on Friday went better than on Thursday... No one was going to the party that night... i think everyone was already a little nervous like
On Satureday i was waking up really early.. with some good Punk Tunes..
I had a good feeling..
At the Contest i had a good start against Stefan Gimpl... but in the 2nd Round i came short at a BS9 when it was tie with Hampus and me... But i am pretty stoked... In the End i came 6th.. not bad..
And i can ride there next year...
peace ck

Aesthetiker Warm Up vol.3

Aesthetikelogo (tif, 1,903 KB)
Just got here from Saas Fee... it is about 5pm...
i justed checked in to the Hotel Testerhof in Lanersbach thats in the Tuxer Valley in Zillertal..
We are here for an quite unique Event..
The Ästhetiker "Warm Up" Session for the Air&Style
To start the season in a good way and to be ready for the contests, also to see all the guys and to shred with them again, thats what the Warm Up is all about...
It was a good riding day at the first morning.. everyone was up there really early... I was so stoked i was not feeling my ankle too much that day.. gg..
at night there was a big party with Scott Sullivan playing..
thats Scott..
And for sure there was Santas Revenge again.. played by Drew..
Thats Drew..
I tell u one hell of a party.. with lots of Schnaps again...
Herman loved it... by the way that is the one guy why the Warm Up can happen...the Chief of the Tourism office in Tux
thats him on the very left... me in the middle and Scharti on the right..
the next day was for most of the people hangover day... Some played some Playstation like our crew..
but at night we had a press Conference going on.. with Andrew Hourmont, the Ästhetikers and some riders..
Also some of the 91 Words for snow crew where there..
Thats from left to right...David Benedek, Sani Alibabic and Christoph Weber..
yeah buddies...
after that we were all hanging out in the very cool gaming Area in the Hotel...
Me and Christian Böhm..
Steve was there with his board too... seems he is
Melani and Beckna chillin..
So that was it from the Warm Up , hope u check in next time... then i am gonna be at the Air&Style...

Saas Fee vol.2

it is 00.00 at night it is the 26 of November in Saas Fee
We just arrived and we had a look if we still can get a shuttle to the Hotel because there is no cars allowed in Saas Fee
it worked out.. with me there was Marc Ander Tarte and Jens Anselstätter
that is Marc :-)
At the next morning it was very cloudy so we just went riding shortly
Also there was the little Groms from Red Bull .. Dani Costandache is their Team Manager now
Funny Kids
After the first day on the Mountain we chilled out a bit in the Hotel
Thats Marc who checks out my new MBM Interview ...
you maybe ask why did we went to Saas Fee.. we wanted to go shredd a little before the Air&Style and the Swiss Völkl Reps invited us ...That is Harry from Switzerland...our Rep
On the next day the Wheater was a lot better..
We had a really good day on the mountain and in the Local Miniramp...

After that we all went in to the local Bar called Popcorn.. also Tadej, Vera and Marco have benn there.. yeahh Gipsys and Pirates
That was it for those 2 days.. no we move on to the Ästhetiker Warm Up for the Air&Style..

see ya there

Season Opening...Pow Pow vol.1


11am this morning.. i was coming out of my physio... i have torn the side ligamments in my ankle 3 1/2 weeks ago... My goal is to be able to shred at the Air & Style... So today after my physio was the first day where i could go shred again...
It dumped the night before so i was really stoked on going up...
And i was not disappointed when i came down...
Steve, mone, Tscherno and me, we had a really good run with some sprays, so we were more then stoked...
The ankle felt alright too.. but i taped it good.. lets see..
Get motivated...

we also start our Ästhetiker Tell-Ä-Vision again pretty soon.. It is gonna be broadcasted in DSF ( German Tellevision ) ..T.B.a
dates coming soon...

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